About Flying Feck

The Flying Feck is what’s left to rise from the ashes of my stint as UK Page Manager for Irish TV start-up, FeckTV.com.

Having heard nothing from the guys in Dublin since January 2013, expressing their heartfelt apologies that all the work I’d put in had been for nought (and it literally was for nought, trust me), the brand has retreated back to The Emerald Isle until further notice.

To be fair to the guys, they whipped the UK page down and sent me an XML file containing all of the 100+ articles I’d written for them, which now constitute the first 100-or-so articles here on The Flying Feck.

You’ll have to forgive me if all of the images are not available or articles not yet been categorised as this information got lost in transference.

flying feck logoThe images point to upload URLs on Feck’s servers that no longer exist and as much of the content is news, I have to question whether it’s worth going over old ground to bring some of the out of date stuff into line with best copywriting practises.

I fully intend to get everything tidied up; most of the original images sit on my hard drive. But my current paying work must take preference.  Hope you understand.

If you wish to contribute a newsworthy article, please feel free to check out the categories available in the sidebar of the main Flying Feck home page.

I promise I’ll create a form that you can use to submit your content through.  The brief will remain true to the original FeckTV.com brief, which is pointing the fickle finger of feck at feckers who deserve it.

Please, try to make the article conversant, poignant and opinionated, but without unnecessary use of expletives; that will only see your article returned.

Yes, some things do make you cuss, but one good old swear is usually more than enough to convey your ire or frustration at the article’s subject.

If the rest of your writing cannot support your solitary cuss or pent up anger, then you may want to consider another career.

Until I get around to creating said form, you can come touch me up socially and woo me about getting featured on here: Jason Darrell on Google+ – I spend far too much time on there, ask my long-suffering lady wife.

You can also tweet me, to @JasonDFeckTVcom or, if you really must, you can also drop a comment or a like on The Flying Feck’s facebook fan page.

Okay. I’ve taken up too much of your time already. But thank you for sticking through until the end.  See you on the front page!


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