Rihanna unapologetic as she cancels Radio One interview

BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter Nick Grimshaw and his producer Matt Fincham have come out in solidarity, refusing to play Diamonds, the latest single from pop sensation Rihanna.

Rihanna was due at the studios to promote her new album, ironically entitled Unapologetic, ahead of its release on Sunday. But cancelling hours before the broadcast was due to be aired live has caused both Nick and Matt to throw their teddies right out of the Radio 1 pram.

In a blanket ban on even mentioning the singer’s name, the pair have replaced her single in their promotional ‘Record of the Week’ slot. Grimshaw seems to have taken this personally.

Rihanna banned indefinitely from Breakfast Show

The ban on the Diamonds singer (video above) will be upheld on the Breakfast Show until such a time as the star, fresh in the UK following her whistlestop 777 world tour, commits to a date to deliver the promised interview.

Grimshaw has not made his disappointment a secret, either. Whilst admitting that Rihanna was “[his] favourite pop star”, he was going to “have a tantrum”, anyway. Which he duly did, on air, to his listeners.

According to the DJ, the show had been, for want of a better expression, held to ransom (he didn’t say by whom) and “forced into having Rihanna as [their] Record of the Week.” The barrel that the crew found themselves over crumbled to sawdust as soon as the interview was cancelled and Diamonds was taken off air, forthwith.

Rihanna needs to watch whose hands she’s biting

This is the second time in a week Rihanna has angered the media. For the majority of the aforementioned 777 tour, she refused point blank to even acknowledge the 150 fans and journalists aboard the specially-chartered jet that spirited her to Mexico, New York, the UK and Germany.

With Unapologetic was fully expected to become the star’s fourth number one album, incredibly her seventh studio album in as many years, Rihanna is probably justified in acting the Diva she has been.

But what she must also bear in mind is that, without the media she has so royally pissed off this week, a lack of airplay and/or exposure will scupper chances of repeating this level of success.

That still doesn’t excuse Nick and Matt for being such cry-babies and airing their dirty washing in public, though. Yes, it’s a bitch, but shit happens. Get over it, why don’t you?


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