Jungle just too dangerous for Brian Conley

‘Dangerous’ Brian Conley has been spared the indignity of the jungle trials as doctors have advised him to quit the hit ITV show, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

brian conley jungle attire im a celebrity 2012

‘I’ll be seeing y’all!’ – Brian Conley has quit the jungle
(credit: Coventry Telegraph)

The announcement was confirmed by the show’s long-running hosts, Ant and Dec, at the beginning of the latest episode of this mash-up of reality TV, which pits ‘celebrities’ against the very jungle itself.

Details of Brian Conley’s symptoms are as scant as fellow ‘celebrity’ Helen Flanagan’s wardrobe and, whilst he was many peoples’ favourite to be crowned King of the Jungle judging by the comments left by confused viewers on ITV’s “I’m a Celebrity” website, the reasons behind the decision to haul him off-air are still unknown beyond the vague official line of ‘for health reasons’.

We do know that Brian’s family has flown out to be with him; what we don’t know is exactly where.  And whilst Dangerous Brian’s hardly had us on the edge of our seats with any Tarzan-like activities, he’s not received the torrent of viewers’ comments that ex-Corrie ‘star’ Helen Flanagan has had to endure from the whining public about her own semi-clad, ‘girly’ antics.

Dangerous Brian Conley backs down from the HayeMaker.

What is known – and was aired before millions – is that heavyweight boxer David Haye and ‘Dangerous’ had a public set-to after Haye tossed a couple of burning logs into the camp from off the fire.  In his ‘Dangerous’ days, Brian would no doubt have simply put them out by engulfing the logs in his unprotected mouth.

However, it seems Brian Conley’s days of restraining two buses through sheer strength alone are well and truly in the past as ‘Conley the man we see now’ saw fit only to try to douse those flames with girly tears.  Unconfirmed rumours suggest he may well have secreted one of Flanagan’s many micro-bikinis out of the camp in order to embrace his newly-discovered feminine side.

And talking of the actress formerly known as Rosie Webster, it’s been confirmed that Hugo Taylor will end Helen’s run of seven straight bushtucker trials.  Whilst the male population has been ogling her in post-trial showers, it’s nothing any Coronation Street fans have not seen before…


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